Adria Advent Marathon – The Only European Marathon by the Shore

First Sunday in December, also the first Advent Sunday, Crikvenica hosts the only semi-marathon and marathon in Europe that runs along the seashore. However, as part of the 7th Adria Advent Marathon, apart from the marathons, there will be a citizens race and pets race – the race of the paws.

This fluffy mini marathon will be held at the Advent Park, Crikvenica, on December 3rd, starting at 11.30 am. The dog race will be 800 meters long and we will find out which doggo is the fastest and most determined. The funds raised with race participation of 35kn will go for the treatment of Dominik and his surgery in Philadelphia. He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and can’t function without complete care.

Anyone interested in participating in the race of the paws should apply via the web page Also, you can apply for participation in the marathon, semi-marathon, or the citizen’s race.

An attractive route along the seashore leaves no one indifferent. The professional runners love Adria Marathon Advent because it is organized according to DLV and IAAF standards, and marathon results are recognized by the Croatian Athletic Association. The top three runners in the marathon and semi-marathon can also expect cash prizes, but there will be a little participation gift for everyone who finishes the race (plus the medal and certificate of participation).