Advent in Zagreb: 44 Days of Happiness and Christmas Spirit

When the mayor lit up the first candle on the Christmas wreath on the Mandusevac fountain, Advent has officially begun in the city of Zagreb! Thousands of people were there, at the main square, to see this spectacular moment which marked the start of the 44 happiest days of the year. So, Advent in the Croatian capital began yesterday evening, and it will last at a dozen places in the city until January 10th.

After Ban Jelacic Square had opened its doors to a celebration, the party continued on all other locations in the city center. Mayor Milan Bandic then opened the Ice Park at King Tomislav Square. By cutting the ‘red ribbon’, a marvelous, huge skating rink was opened to the delight of the youngest. It also pleased the director of Zagreb Tourist Board, Marina Bienenfeld, who explained that this Ice rink has already made Advent in Zagreb popular in all corners of Europe and further. She added that this year Zagreb Tourist Board joined forces with Turkish Airlines to bring more than 30 journalists from around the world to our city.

With  a 1000 hearts in the air, and a fantastic performance by Nipplepeople, European Square marked the beginning of the best winter concert location in town – under a 1000 hearts, which were placed on the square, the European ‘corner’ has organized a 44-days-long program for all generations. During the day, everyone will have an opportunity to enjoy art (or amazing Croatian cuisine and drinks), and when the moon shows itself in the sky above the Square, the audience will enjoy listening to fantastic music programs chosen by Balcony TV Zagreb.

We also have to mention the city’s famous “party center” known as Fooliranje Festival, which has two stages (Tomiceva and Kurelceva streets) this year. So you have already realized that during this spectacular winter period, you will be able to enjoy delicacies all around the city center. From now until 10th of January, wherever you go (from Bogoviceva, Gajeva streets all the way to the Cvjetni, European, Tomislav, Ban Jelacic Squares or Zrinjevac park and more) you will feel and see the celebration of Advent.
Under the colorful lights and sweet Christmas decorations, you will be able to drink and eat a variety of specialties and have fun. So, come to Zagreb because the city with a 1000 hearts can offer more love and warmth than you have ever felt!