Animafest Zagreb 2017 – Festival of Animated Films

From 5th to 10th June, with numerous introductory events from the end of May, Croatian metropolis will become a real international hotspot for animated movie scene.

This will be the 27th installment of Animafest Zagreb, that includes showcasing of more than 300 movies with a lot of side-events like exhibitions, workshops, lectures, a scientific symposium, presentation of different art schools etc. Apart from sitting in front of big movie screens, there will be 7 Open Air events (27th May and 3. – 8. June) in parks Zrinjevac, Ribnjak, Gradec & Art Park.

Like every year, Animafest Zagreb 2017 pays close attention to its youngest visitors and their parents, offering movies and contents tailored for them.

More than 1600 movies from over 76 countries applied for the big screens at the festival, 800 of them competed for short-film competition of which 44 qualified. France dominates with 9 works, Poland, Germany, Canada & USA all have 3 films, also there are a few works from Scandinavian countries and there are 6 films from Croatia.

Early bird tickets (available before May 21) are 150kn and after that, they will be 200kn (or 180kn for students, elderly and people with disabilities). Grab tickets at