Antenat – Croatian Reggae Spectacle in KSET

If you are thinking of going out in Zagreb on Friday night, one of our recommendations is to witness a dub-reggae-ska attraction Antenat, which will give a concert in KSET. Founded back in 1997 as a standard rock quartet with drums, bass, guitar and vocals, through the years Antenat has developed their own music style, so the band counts nine members today. They are influenced by many genres, from reggae, dub, ska and punk, to progressive and world music elements. In more than eighteen years of existence, Antenat has released three albums – Subing, Karavana, and the latest album released in 2013, Izlet. As the years passed, the band played more and more concerts, and brushed their own music expression, today known as sub-reggae. This term was invented by ANTENAT themselves, in order to avoid complications in explaining the combination of music styles they use. It doesn’t matter how you call their music style, but one thing is certain – Antenat will make you want to dance (and dancing combined with alcohol is the best possible cure for your body and mind after a workweek and a long period of bad weather). Tickets are available in advance for 35 kn or on the day of the show for 50 kn. The show starts at 8 pm.

Author: Davor Bijelic