Applause for Croatia: New records in tourism

Results achieved in the first seven months and again in July, confirmed the announcement that this will be a record season for Croatian tourism – said Ratomir Ivicic, director of the Croatian National Tourist Board.
This year the Italian, Hungarian, French and American guests visited Croatia more often than last year.
According to official data from two tourist boards, the Adriatic and the City of Zagreb, Croatia welcomed 3 million and 411 thousand tourists who have made 22 million and 828,000 overnight stays during July.
The foreign visitors numbered 3,000,000 and 159,000 arrivals, which is an increase of 11 percent; 20 million and 803,000 overnight stays, which represents an increase of 9 percent. Domestic tourists also recorded an increase of 8 percent in arrivals and 6 percent in overnight stays.
All Adriatic counties and the City of Zagreb, recorded 313,000 arrivals (which is an increase of 8 percent) and one million and 667,000 nights (which is an increase of 6 percent).
As for the result made at the beginning of the year, in Croatia, on the Adriatic Sea and in the City of Zagreb – there were 7 million and 591 thousand people, who made 40 million overnight stays, which is an increase of 9 percent in arrivals and 7 percent in overnight stays compared to the same period in 2014.