AROUND: Walkabout Around Zagreb

Second run of the project dedicated to artistic exploration of the city ‘AROUND’ or Croatian ‘OKOLO’ will,  from 17 of August until 1st of September 2019, turn over twenty-five sites in Zagreb’s very center into places where art spontaneously touches city’s everyday life.

Boris Bare, 2018

Last year, in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, the first run of the artistic project ‘Around’ took place. Small interventions into the city itself enlivened public city spaces. Red carpet to Upper Town, new ‘kumica’ on the stairs towards market Dolac, colorful characters playing with urban elements and plants that play music on touch were just some of interesting interventions that delighted citizens and tourists alike.

Botanike, 2018

This August something similar will happen, artists with various artistic expressions will create urban interventions to point out the beauty and the potential of well known or some forgotten public spaces. That includes art installations, urban green design, street art, interactive design and photography. At the same time, artistic intervention will map out all these sites into unique walk around the city, for everyone to find „piece of art”, get surprised and, sometimes, even get a laugh.

Mislav, Lešić, 2018

Together with a dozen of Croatian artists, this year some world renown names will leave their trace in Zagreb. French couple Ella & Pitr is known in international street art circles by their over-dimensional caricature characters, Spanish artist Javier Riera is one of the masters for landscape light installations, and Australian Michael Pederson conquered global public with his humorous street miniatures staged at unexpected places.

Oak Oak, 2018
„This unique project turns every walk in the very center of the city into small artistic exploration of Zagreb. A number of urban interventions that will „sprout” during August from Upper Town to the Main Train Station combine street art and both domestic and international creatives, offering special experience to all visitors of city public spaces.“, said Martina Bienenfeld, Managing Director of the Zagreb Tourist Board.
Photo source: Last year’s interventions photographed by Ana Mikin