Art Park Zagreb: Street Artists Together for “Fish Forward” Project

We already wrote about some important campaigns that were initiated this summer concerning sea pollution and sea life, most of them are taking place at our seaside. Yesterday, one of these campaigns gathered Croatian street artists at Zagreb’s Art Park.

The campaign we’re talking about is Fish Forward, initiated by WWF Adria. Project manager Martina Šubašić explains: ” The aim of our project and gatherings such as this one is to make public aware and warn them that it is extremely important to take care of what kind of fish we’re buying. People are not aware that our sea is empty, and those who are don’t know what they can do about it. The future of sea life really depends on whether we’re buying fish that comes from sustainable sources”.

WWF works to increase the knowledge and awareness of consumers, the corporate sector and governments regarding the way in which sustainable seafood products can make a difference. The Fish Forward project is co-financed by the European Union and its activities will be carried out in 11 European countries over the next 3 years.

The event for endangered fish species in Art Park yesterday  gathered artists Boris Bare, Ivan Oštarčević, Modul Osam, Kopito Zla, Ivan Kovačević and Ribafish. They showed that such campaigns are not only reserved for existing activists but that everyone can contribute to the spread of consciousness of this problem in their own way. Street artists were painting panels on fish creating a small outdoor exhibition that will embellish this oasis for the next two weeks.