Authentic traditional taste: Štrukli!

Zagorje is a region with a lot of delicacies made by circumstance. Namely, in the time of poverty women from Zagorje made up sweet and salty foods to feed their large families. Different kinds of štrukli (strudels or pies) were cheap dishes that can be done with the cheese, fruit, meat, and vegetables. They cooked it, bake it, served as soup, dessert, main course or a small meal. Štrukli as a part of everyday cuisine was held on menus and became one of the favorite meals in Zagorje and Zagreb.
Mostly, you will find them stuffed with cheese or pumpkin (bucnica).
– 1 kg of soft flour
– 100 gr of hard flour
– 3 eggs
– 300 ml of warm water
– 2 tablespoons of oil
– 2.5 teaspoon of salt
– 500 gr of fresh cheese
– 200 gr of sour cream
– 1 teaspoon of salt (salt is put at will, or to love)
– 500 g of sour cream
– 200 ml cream
– 2 teaspoons of salt
– 3 tablespoons of oil
– 1 cube of butter

1. Dough
Mix flour and then add eggs, salt, warm water and oil. The amount of flour can vary depending on the size of the egg. If the dough sticks to your fingers, add a little more flour.
Knit the dough into medium thickness. If you like thin dough, then make it a little harder. Please note that this is not the strudel dough, and waist should be a bit thicker.
2. Topping
Mix cheese with sour cream, add salt, and make little piles on each piece along the edge. Roll twice and mark by hand where you plan to cut the dough into pieces. Trim, the ends to be sure that the dough sticks well. Repeat procedure until you have used all the ingredients.
3. Cooking
First put hot water in a large pot, add 2 tablespoons of salt and 3 tablespoons of oil. Prepare baking pan greased with the butter cube. Place strukle in boiling water and cook until they float to the top. Usually,they take about 2 minutes. Take them out with a spoon, pour the water out and put Štrukle in the baking pan.
4. Dressing and baking
Stir sour cream and cheese into a smooth mixture and pour over the pie. Bake in preheated oven for about 50 minutes at 200 ° C.
5. Serving
After baking, leave it to cool slightly for 5 minutes and then serve.