Baranja Visits Zagreb at Archaeological Museum Today

Up to 6 pm at the Archaeological Museum in Zagreb, numerous exhibitors, producers, and farms from Baranja region will present Beli Manastir and Baranja to Zagreb citizens and their guests today.

Among many farmers, following ones will show what they have to offer and they will sell their domestic products at the spot: OPG Bosnjak and St. Cross Association from from Branjin Vrh; visitors will be able to try wines from winemakers Josic from Zmajevac, Kolar from Suza, Svijetli dvori from Karanac, Pinkert (Suza), Kalazić (Batina), drinks from Popovac OPG Milan Šarić and more… farmers will sell homemade cheese, vegetarian sausage, and homemade beans, which will prepare Baranja’s house from Karanac. Visitors will enjoy food and drinks while listening and watching performances of local ensembles from Baranja.