Bat Night: Let’s go to the zoo, let’s meet the flying mammals

The International Bat Night will be marked again, this Saturday, by a series of activities in the Zagreb Zoo. From 6 pm to 10 pm visitors can expect numerous educational and entertainment activities. A team of educators will teach visitors, through various workshops and games, about the flying mammals – the bats, and show their importance to the people. There will be a familiar quest for bats using bat detectors, Maksimir witch will show her ‘magic’ and a cave of dead bats, and also a challenge for the bravest – touching live animals such as snakes, insects and others.

In the Learning Center a ‘Not so scary house’ will be opened and visitors will have the opportunity to search the bats, and at the same time they will learn what to do if a bat flew into the house. For the adventurous and adrenaline lovers, speleo climbing will be organized as well.
Those who prefer the humorous activities will have a great opportunity to take photographs in the coffin of Dracula. The magician Vladimir Stimac will take care of the entertainment from 7 pm to 9 pm, and at 9:30 pm the Artifan group will perform famous fire show. The Zoo will be opened until 9 pm. The entrance for children up to 6 years is free, for children from 7 to 14 years the price of the ticket is 20 kuna, and for all other visitors ticket price is 30 kuna.

The Bat Night takes place every year since 1997 in more than 30 countries on the last full weekend of August.
Nature conservation agencies and NGOs from across Europe pass on information to the public about the way bats live and their needs with presentations, exhibitions, and bat walks, often offering the opportunity to listen to bat sounds with the support of ultrasound technology.

bat night