#BeActive: European Week of Sport!

This week Europe marked European Week of Sport with numerous activities. It is a brand new initiative of the European Commission which aims to promote sports and physical activity across the Europe. It began on the September the 7th, and it will last until September the 13th.
Zagreb will celebrate ‘birthday of sport’ on Saturday, September the 12th, at Bundek Lake. All interested will be able, from 10 am to 10 pm, to try the free sport activities which include: Pilates training by Studio Focus Point, football and basketball, bike paths, experience the training of Jogging school, enjoy the different adrenaline sports and to practice Dharma Yoga.
If you enjoy more unusual things, you will be able to climb the climbing wall, to watch an attractive presentation of swimming with one fin and much more. The all-day event is free for all visitors.
Apart from the sports activities, all attendee will have the opportunity to meet many Croatian sports federations and clubs, as well as the Faculty of Kinesiology in Zagreb. If you aren’t good at sports but you want to live healthier, come to Bundek and try diagnostics and various medical examinations in special ‘Corner’ for healthy nutritionist advice, listen about healthy eating, but also discover many other interesting features.
European Week of Sport should become a regular autumnal event in all EU countries. It aims to animate people, encouraging them to exercise, and to help them to be active throughout the year.

Did you know that exercise:
1. Reduces the risk of developing the disease
2. Strengthens your bones
3. Improves lung function
4. Awakens enthusiasm and increases energy levels in the body
5. Increases a feeling of happiness
6. Gives you confidence
7. Reduces stress level
8. Increases creativity
9. Improves sleep
10. Exercises the brain