Bestiarum 2015: Get Your Kink On!

Author: Petra Cakarun

No city is complete without a fetish community, so if you have a few kinks yourself or are just open to new experiences, don’t skip this year’s Bestiarum – fetish feast four years in the running. Scheduled for November 14 in Pogon Jedinstvo, Bestiarum is the largest fetish event in the Balkans, and brings a truckload of fun for your devious pleasures and includes performers, exhibitions and workshops. A fest like this would not be complete without international DJ acts and an elaborate playground. If you want to join in on the fun, be sure to follow the dress code and respect the privacy of fellow party goers. Still not hooked? Well, here are some acts you shouldn’t miss at this year’s edition.

Las Vegas born Miss Crash is an extreme performer from Las Vegas, who has amazed and shocked audiences from all around the world. Named The Queen of Suspension at the Chicago Tattoo Convention in 2008 after completing a 27-hook, 18-transition suspensions, Miss Crash has been featured in magazines such as Rolling Stone, Vogue and Marquise. She collaborated with many well-known bands and artists such as Jane’s Addiction, UNKLE and Marilyn Manson, constantly pushing the boundaries of bizarre.

Andrea Ropes will dazzle you with Japanese rope art bondage. Shibari’s origins are in the martial art of restraining captives, called Hojo-Jutsu. In the 15th century Japan, the Samurai warriors started to use Hojo-Jutsu as a form of imprisonment and torture, yet their honor required them to treat their prisoners well. Andrea Ropes will treat at least one lucky Bestiarum visitor very well, so get on stage or join his workshop.

Looking for local acts? Bestiarum will treat you with Zagreb-based drag performers from House of Flamingo – brilliant and macabre art collective. Aerialist, fire dance performer, specialized in static trapeze, Vladimir Ježić, will most definitely send shivers down your spine as he will climb to the roof of Jedinstvo industrial hall and excite you from above.

Tickets are available for purchase via direct account transfer to the organizer account (130kn). If you are not keen on planning ahead, you can get them at the door (160kn). Make sure to read the house rules before you enter and don’t forget to dress to impress. More info can be found on Bestiarum Facebook page and this year’s event.

Get your kink on!