The Big InMusic Festival Guide! Find Out How to Travel for Free and Where to Find the Best Beer!

Everything is ready for the 11th INmusic festival on Jarun, the craziest spectacle of the year! On the three islands in three days, the audience will have the opportunity to party, mingle and hear the top world musicians!
We have prepared some basic information that will help you during the festival. As the festival starts today, we will fill you in with all the fresh information. Through our “smart map” find out things like – how can you get to Jarun by public transportation, which beer is “the hit,” how can you pay for food and drinks, are there some fun games and awards… Also, it is crucial that you discover how to identify the original from the fake ticket and who to contact if you need any help. So, let’s get started before the “madness”. ;)
Visitors will have a blast, organizers are promising, on many hidden places in Jarun where they can relax and escape the crowd. The most impressive extra content this year is certainly the Tesla Tower, which is enjoying considerable public attention since its construction was announced. The thirty-meter replica of the original tower will be just as impressive from the outside as well as the inside where it will be a unique audiovisual program run projections of life and creativity of Nikola Tesla and David Bowie.
On the stage of a small wooden theater “INtheater”, you can see performances by the well-known actors from Balkan. Later, the same space will be transforming into the “Silent Party stage” where the audience will entertain the team of YEM collective. The same team will also take care of the good atmosphere in various places of the island. After performing on the main stage, entertainment continues at the Hidden, Balkans and Night stage.
With the Nissan’s Guitar Hero competition and the award for the best “guitar hero”, Nissan is giving to one person a trip to Paris to Rock en Seine Festival. With karaoke and Guitar Hero competition, everyone can become a star at least for five minutes! Festival partners in their areas offer a variety of programs. Ožujsko beer will set an impressive art installation “Žuja”  that will undoubtedly serve as one of the places where you can do a cool photo. There, in the festival zone of OTP Bank Croatia, you can also put a fluorescent make up for the festival and have fun while you “glow in the dark” Cocktail bars can be found in two locations on the Island of Croatian Youth – on Jamnica Sensation stage and Night stage.
Money, Money, Money!
Thanks to OTP Bank Croatia, payment at InMusic will again be very easy and quick! For the third consecutive year, OTP Bank provides cashless and contactless payment at the festival. Cashless and contactless purchase are for all payment types, except the festival memorabilia.  InMusic Festival and the corresponding camp pots InMusic festival card, MasterCard contactless cards, OTP Bank, as well as all other MasterCard and Maestro contactless cards.
Customers of InMusic holiday package already have a registered MasterCard contactless prepaid card of OTP Bank, which can contactless be paid with at all points of sale of the festival. InMusic festival card will be available at all festival top-up locations. Supplement festival tickets will be available on all top-up locations while the MasterCard® contactless prepaid card of OTP Bank can complement a special top-up Point of OTP Bank on the festival site.
The current status of the card is visible on the invoice issued in each supplement card, and payment can be made in cash or by any other bank card. For the safety of visitors, the maximum payment amount is 2,000 kunas. It is possible to pay, and all other MasterCard and Maestro contactless cards and in this case the payment exceed the amount of 100 kunas required to enter your PIN number or authorization of the transaction by signing the toll location.
Festival card will be charged 10 kunas, but also that 10 kunas will be given back when refunds.
INmusic festival, Julien Duval
How To Travel?
Ožujsko beer (Zagreb’s Brewery), powered sponsor of InMusic Festival, in partnership with ZET this year organized free public transport of trams and buses for the visitors. Visitors of InMusic festival in Zagreb can ride for free in the time of the InMusic with the valid festival tickets or bracelets.
Thanks to the Croatian Railways passengers will have a cheaper ride on a train! Railways Passenger transport visitors will be given 40% discount in the 1st and 2nd class on regular trains. During InMusic festival, there will operate two special festival bus. Jarun Festival buses will drive from 18:00 PM to 02:00 AM and 20:00 PM to 05:00 AM on the relations of the two entrances at Jarun (Hrgovići and Croatian Falcon) to the entrance to InMusic. Transport festival bus is free.
Organizers of INmusic have received several inquiries relating to the suspicious tickets. You have to be care full where you buy and get the tickets. Only those purchased on the official box offices are valid.
It is important to know that each ticket has several levels of protection and that, if screening criteria are not met, the potential visitor will not be able to enter the festival.
If they are not sold out, tickets can be purchased at the official box office at the entrance to the festival area. Festival ticket for all three days of the festival is 349 kuna, a camping ticket for seven days stay is only 250 kuna. If someone wants to visit only one or two days they can buy a day ticket for the price of 300 kunas. Three-day festival tickets are available at official outlets listed here: … while camping and day on sale exclusively through INmusic webshop:
Photo by: InMusic Festival/Julien Duval
Photo by: InMusic Festival/Julien Duval
During the festival, there will be a lot of police, in uniforms, as well as undercover and medical vehicles. They will protect you, and if you have any questions, they are at your service.  This year’s partners of InMusic are – The Zagreb Brewery, OTP Bank, Zagreb Tourist Board and the Croatian Tourist Board.
Here is today’s LINE UP!