Bojan Šumonja: Omnibus / Collective Exhibition of a Single Author

The exhibition OMNIBUS / Collective Exhibition of a Single Author by Croatian contemporary artist Bojan Šumonja opened couple of days ago at Art Pavilion in Zagreb.

The Art Pavilion in Zagreb some ten years back launched a series called ‘Environmental exhibitions of contemporary Croatian artists for the Art Pavilion’. This is a series that has won plaudits from the discipline and the general public alike, and has proved itself an excellent framework for the presentation of recent production of contemporary Croatian artists. This year within the framework of the series Art Pavilion presents an established painter of the middle generation, Bojan Šumonja (1960).

Šumonja graduated at the Venetian Art Academy in the class of Giancarlo Tramontin. He has, in his richly variegated career, exhibited at over 200 collective and has had 100 solo exhibitions at home and abroad but this will be the first Šumonja outing in the Art Pavilion. Šumonja’s works are kept in the permanent collection of the Modern Gallery, Zagreb, the holdings of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rijeka, the Local History Museum of Rovinj, the Coastal Galleries in Piran and in many regional, civic and private collections.

The exhibition remains open until 1 September, 2019.