Bukovac and Cabanel at Zagreb’s Art Pavilion

Did you know that the man behind the founding of Zagreb’s Art Pavilion, the oldest visual arts institution in South- East Europe, is exceptional Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac? This year, the gallery is celebrating 120 years of existence and activity with a major exhibition dedicated to Vlaho Bukovac and Alexandre Cabanel.

The exhibition Vlaho Bukovac and Alexandre Cabanel – a historic encounter of pupil and teacher will be on view to the public from October 3, 2018 to January 6, 2019.

Up to this exhibition the works of Alexandre Cabanel have never been exhibited in either Croatia or surrounding countries and will thus be a revelation for lovers of the fine arts who make their way to the exhibition in the Art Pavilion.

Cabanel was the important, highly appreciated French painter under whom Bukovac studied painting in Paris. The famed French painter played a large and important role in Bukovac’s art education and the exhibition in the Art Pavilion will bring together pupil and teacher, so providing a clear picture of what kind of an influence on Bukovac’s art Cabanel was.

Photo taken from Art Pavilion Zagreb web- Vlaho Bukovac ‘My Nest’ 1897