Cerovečki Umbrellas, a Souvenir With a Hint of Zagreb Tradition for Ladies and Gents

Speaking of long craftsmanship traditions in Croatia, only a few family businesses can boast with the excellence and products that rose to a level of being a national trademark recognized all over the world – one of them being the Cerovečki family with their iconic Šestine umbrella!

Their story dates back to 1912 when Mijo Cepanec opened an umbrella artisan shop in Varaždin. Since then the umbrella craft mastery was passed down three generations and the family opened a shop in Zagreb. More than a hundred years of tradition specialized in making and repairing all kinds of umbrellas and parasols with unmatchable focus on quality piqued the interest of many other cultures and nations and positioned them as umbrella and raincoat makers on a global scale.

The shop is now located at Ilica street 50, and offers a wide range of umbrellas as well as ladies and gents’ sun parasols and raincoats. All umbrellas and handcrafted and made from quality materials. The favored product, Šestine umbrella, is made from red cotton canopy with colored stripes on the edges, solid wooden stick and handle and rustproof metal ribs. Recently they created a stylish line of raincoats called Kaplja which also features the iconic Šestine design and comes in two colors – red and black.

It’s a perfect souvenir from Zagreb. It involves traditional folk garment and will protect you during rainy days :)

For more information visit their website.