Children’s Detective Agency – The First Room Escape for Children

Escape the room style playgrounds have been raising a lot of public interest lately. The reason is legitimate though, escape rooms are a thrill that can both sharpen your senses and entertain you while solving different puzzles!

Zagreb just got its first escape the room for kids – Children’s Detective Agency. Located at Maksimirska 49, it offers an adventure that will show younglings some good time while solving the puzzles to find the missing detective. Kids can be left to play alone or they can have a gamemaster watching over them that can provide guidance. The riddles and brain teasers which are adapted for primary school children will teach them how to think to overcome obstacles and handle new situations.

The journey awaits! There is no time limit and an average game lasts from an hour to hour and a half. The participants will be faced with ten bigger and a couple of smaller challenges. Maximum number of players is 6 for the price of 550 kn.

For reservations, call 0981900874 or send an email to [email protected].  For more visit their facebook page.