Christmases of Old Zagreb: Advent at the Klovicevi Dvori Gallery

Zagreb has always been a city of admirers of art and antiques, and that is why this year every local and guest is invited to come and enjoy at the heart of Zagreb’s Upper Town. During the season of Advent, from 12th to 24th of December the Gallery Klovicevi Dvori organizes the manifestation called Old Zagreb at Christmas. On this occasion, antique artifacts will be exhibited to evoke the glamor of past times to Zagreb. This exhibition will be organized hand in hand with a lavish side program that will commence on December 12th at noon with decoration a Christmas tree at the Gallery’s atrium Christmas carols. Apart from the Old Zagreb at Christmas exhibition, the gallery will open the exhibition named Nativity Scenes of the Zagreb Ethnographic Museum and the exhibition of old postcards of Zagreb and traditional toys.

The best possible way to open the doors of a museum and gallery institution is to invite guests to have a chat, drink a glass of wine, maybe play a little music, serves cakes, and show the beautiful walls filled with paintings. The Klovićevi Dvori Gallery will use this new, actually, old way to open its doors to loyal visitors. Some of them still recall those pleasant moments spent at the Gallery when galleries were organizing antique fairs every December until the late 1990’s. Along with the antique fair during the season of Advent, Klovićevi Dvori will also unveil the traditional Christmas festivity of Old Zagreb by presenting stories about old things, recipes for traditional sweet treats found on yellow pages of an old cake cookbook that belonged to bishops. Guests will  have the opportunity to enjoy Christmas carols and songs as well as joyful Christmas ornaments that will be made on the spot by the use of the traditional blowing technique.

It is impossible to imagine Christmas without the nativity scene and toys and for that reason Klovićevi Dvori will incorporate both – new and those from the times past in this celebration. Christmas season is the time when we all long for Christmas films – heart – warming and familiar, always with a happy ending, promising a better tomorrow. That is why the celebration in Klovićevi Dvori will include film projections with plenty of music, hot mulled wine, hot chocolate and blankets.

Schedule of Events

Saturday, 12th December 

12 pm – Christmas tree decoration; music programme: A flute ensemble an Jolly Voices choir. Petra Krhen Antonic: the decoration of Christmas ornaments.

8 pm – Film screening

Sunday, 13th of December

8 pm – Film screening

Tuesday, 15th December

7 pm – a lecture given by Zeljko Corak PhD

Wednesday, 16th December

7 pm – A lecture given bu Andelko Katanec junior priest, associate of the Mali koncil journal

Thursday, 17th December

7 pm – a lecture given by academician Josip Bratulic

Friday, 18th December

6 pm to 7 pm – Dario Lide, a cooking show. Dishes served on Christmas eve (traditional dishes of the Old Zagreb)

8 pm – Concert: Podium Brass Quintet

Saturday, 19th December

11 am – Marina Simunkovic: Design of personalized glass Christmas ornaments;

12 pm – 2 pm – Marko Jovancevic cooking show . Old recipes from restaurant Pivana;

8 pm Christmas film screening.

Tuesday, 22nd December

2 pm Gastro show;

7 pm Concert of Blue World Trio;

8 pm Christmas film screening.

Wednesday, 23rd December

7 pm – a lecture given by Bozica Brkan;

8 pm to 9 pm – Branko Ognjenovic cooking show, Festive table settings of the Old Zagreb – Christmas dishes and pastry of the Old Zagreb.