Cinema Europa – Summer in Movie Theaters Part II

Cinema Europa got a few additional events up its sleeve during this summer. Apart from a few brand new movies that will be hitting the theater screens during summer, Cinema Europa has prepared a summer cycle dedicated to replaying some of the best movies from past season, and a few more sweets.

Summer cycle ‘You missed it, watch it!’ brings over 80 movie titles that have been shown during the year as part of the regular program. Those will include the charming drama Toni Erdmann through contemporary musical La La Land and Oscar-winning Moonlight all the way up to unconventional biographies ‘Neruda’ and ‘Jackie’ of praised Latin American director Pablo Larrain as well as numerous other titles.

Most of these movies that were created outside the English-speaking area will be shown with bilingual subtitles – English and Croatian – during ‘Subtitled T-Day’ (summer version of their regular program ‘Subtitled Tuesdays’) that are organized as a response to growing number of foreign audiences. ‘T-Day’ screenings will also include three prominent Croatian films: the corporate documentary ‘The Boss’ by Darija Juričana, the festival success ‘Do not look at my plate’ by Hana Jušić and the Christmas story ‘All the Best’ from Snježana Tribuson.

In addition, Cinema Europe’s program for children brings carefully selected movies every Wednesday and Sunday, and it is free of charge. Next in line are: a fun comedy about the relationship between father and son ‘Little gangster’, the fairy tale ‘Anka’, a new sequel to the hit series on the adventures of Koko and his buddies ‘Uproar on the Green Summit’ and the favorite animated hero ‘Zucchini’ made by stop-animation techniques.

For their faithful visitors, they have prepared a number of other surprises, so on Monday, with the purchase of tickets, visitors will get 20% discount on all items offered by Cinema Europe café bar (including popcorn). On Thursdays, besides film titles, Mojito and Cuba Libre cocktails will be for available for a promotional price of 20,00 kn.

Do not miss the summer of ’17 in movie theater Europa!