Cockroaches – A World That Stays

Croatian Natural History Museum invites you to its newly opened exhibition ‘Cockroaches – A world that stays’ that will tell you all about these obnoxious little creatures that dwell among us.

People generally look down at them with disgust, and while we feel all those strong emotions when we encounter one little roach, they couldn’t care less about it. We tend to forget from where they came from, what their role is, and how long they inhabit ‘our’ planet.

This exhibition, which opened last month and is here to stay until mid-2018, will help you see and learn more about them from a closer point of view. There must be a reason why they survived for more than 300 million years (humans started walking on two legs about 6 million years ago), and they are very likely to outlive us as a species too. They are little resilient creatures and authors of the exhibition: dr. sc. Iva Mihoci, Petar Crnčan, dr. sc. Vlatka Milčetić Stanković & Mirna Klaić will help you learn a lot.

The exhibition was financially backed by the City Office for Education, Culture, and Sport of the City of Zagreb and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia.

Visit the museum in Demetrova 1 street, and for more info visit the website.