Cold Weather Warnings Across Croatia! Dress Well & Don’t Overstay Outside!

Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service forecasts high danger of a cold wave that will be sweeping through Croatia in the coming days and bring very low temperatures.

They advise not going out early if possible, not staying out for extended periods of time, drinking hot beverages while avoiding coffee and alcohol, and keeping an eye out for the elderly which are especially susceptible to the dangers of extreme weather. These cold waves have a similar effect as the heat waves, they both increase the illness and mortality, but unlike the heat waves, the cold ones do it with a delayed effect.

Some cities will be caught up in temperatures as low as -17, and are predicted to drop even further as the upcoming week progresses. The beginning of next week comes with alerts of medium danger level for Zagreb and Rijeka, and high danger for Split, Karlovac, and Gospić (source: dhmz).