Cotrugli Business Museum, the World’s First to Exhibit Business Processes Dating Few Millennia BC!

Cotrugli Business Museum, a project founded by Cotrugli Business School, became the world’s first to present the business along with its processes and development throughout the pre-industrial era, reaching back to as far as the times of ancient Mesopotamia 4 millennia BC.

The museum (and school) is named after the 15th-century merchant, economist, scientist, diplomat and humanist Benedetto Cotrugli. He was born in Dubrovnik, which was at the time a highly developed republic with a major trading force, best known for its wealth and skilled diplomacy. Cotrugli left an important mark by leaving a first written remark about the modern double-entry system in his Book on the Art of Trade.

The museum is located in Buzin, a village just south of Zagreb, and is conceptualized as an interactive exhibition with interactive exhibits, quizzes, workshops, holograms and more.

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