CRO to Go – Croatian for Foreigners

Croatian, like many other languages, may seem a bit complicated when you hear it for the first time. All hope is not lost though because there are some quick and fun ways to get a hold of the language!

CRO to Go – Croatian for Foreigners is designed to overcome that language gap. It’s a center for learning Croatian language in Tkalčićeva ulica which offers just that! It developed compelling and efficient methods after which you will be able to go around and show off your Croatian skills. Apart from regular methods, teching methods, CRO to Go offers a 1 Day Croatian language workshop that will be enough for tourists to get to basic level day to day communication.

Of course there are multiple such crash courses that will get you started with Croatian so you can research and find your best fit, this is just one of them.

There is an old saying: You are worth as many languages you speak, which in spite of technological breakthroughs in language translation still holds true. So go out and learn a new language!