Croatia for Ukraine: All the Information in One Place

Enter Croatia Website is Updated & Now Available in Ukrainian

The Republic of Croatia expresses full solidarity with the Ukrainian people and is ready to accept displaced persons.
The Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia presented a bilingual website that contains all useful information for the reception and care of refugees from Ukraine, but also information for all who want to help the displaced population of Ukraine.

More information can be found here:

The Enter Croatia website ( is intended to facilitate the entry of refugees from Ukraine into the Republic of Croatia and to provide all necessary information on the conditions of entry and residence in the Republic of Croatia.

To make it easier for Ukrainians to enter and stay in Croatia, they can fill out the ad form below.

For successful registration via Enter Croatia, it is necessary to enter information about your travel document (passport or identity card).

However, regardless of the lack of a travel document, refugees from Ukraine will be able to enter the Republic of Croatia.

More information can be found here.