Croatia has the 2nd Most Welcoming Town in the World

According to’s yearly Guest Review award, small Croatian town Slunj is the second most hospitable place in the World.

For seven years in a row, is making a list of world’s best places to visit according to visitors’ ratings and reviews in different categories. This year they’ve rated 759,845 properties in 219 different countries. Some of the categories include quality of accommodation, hospitality, complete impression of the country etc. Croatia is thus among the 10 most prized countries, Croatia hold the sixth place while the first three places belong to Italy, Spain and France.


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For the first time ever decided to publish a list of 10 of the most hospitable places in the world according to user ratings. Croatian Slunj holds a second place on this list, leaving behind many beautiful World destinations said the Slunj Tourist Board at their Facebook page. Here’s the whole list:

1. Goreme (Turkey)

2. Slunj (Croatia)

3. Eluanbi (Taiwan)

4. Niagara on the Lake (Canada)

5. Tekapo (New Zealand)

6. Bendigo (Australia)

7. Newport (USA)

8. Nozawa Onsen (Japan)

9. Fernando de Noronha (Brasil)

10. El Chalten (Argentina)

Photo: Slunj-Rastoke Tourist Board