“Croatia is Hrvatska” the Biggest Interactive Exhibition in the Grič Tunnel Yet

For the first time, the interactive exhibition ‘Croatia is Hrvatska’ will turn the whole Grič tunnel into the biggest Croatian time machine. The attraction is open until November 1st.

Organised by insurance company Croatia Osiguranje in cooperation with the Zagreb Tourist Board, one of the most attractive multimedia interactive exhibitions with a historical theme in Zagreb this year is opened. This is an impressive exhibition dedicated to the intriguing and provocative parallel histories of Zagreb, Croatia and the oldest Croatian insurance company, Croatia Osiguranje.

“Croatia is Hrvatska” will take visitors on a journey through 13 decades of the course of the history of Croatian society, economic development and modernisation. The exhibition consists of numerous historical exhibits, multimedia depictions of significant artefacts, legendary musical numbers as well as numerous multimedia and interactive points which will appeal to all generations.