Croatian National Theatre: 15th World Theatre Festival

The press conference, which presented the jubilee 15th World Theater Festival, was held on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, at 11 am in the foyer of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb. The Festival’s program was presented by founders and artistic directors Dubravka Vrgoč, intendant of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb and Ivica Buljan, Director of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb.

Dubravka Vrgoč reminded the audience at the time of the launch of the World Theater Festival, when the Croatian theater was in a very different situation than today, since after the 1990s it was in a deep crisis, and the intent of establishing the Festival was the desire to provide information and information to Croatian public and professional about the trends of the world theater scene and the possibility of comparing and positioning the Croatian theater within the world context. In the past 14 editions, more than 50 theaters and all major names of the world’s theaters participated in the festival. The Brazilian Cia Vertice de Teatro from Rio de Janeiro, with a performance “What if they went to Moscow”, who were able to come to Zagreb after two years and Gabriadze, a Georgian theater that enchanted the audience 13 years ago with the performance of “The Battle for Stalingrad”, had made this year’s election.

Ivica Buljan highlighted with great pleasure the quality of this year’s edition of the Festival, featuring performances by all the important Festivals – from Avignon, through Paris and Berlin, which is designed by the key – an innovative approach in the classical framework that returns is in time of some old-fashioned beauty. He then presented all four productions, of which for the first time two authors worked on the project.

The performances are performed on the scene of the Croatian National Theater in Zagreb and the Music Academy, and tickets can be purchased at the Croatian National Theater Café in Zagreb.