Croatian Passport in the Company of the Strongest Passports of the World

According to the Visa Restrictions Index, which is the annual ranking that determines the strength of a country’s passport based on how freely its citizens can roam the globe, the Croatian passport is among the strongest documents for traveling the world. It is listed as 24th on the list of 104 countries.
Even though everyone would probably think that countries like Canada or America are on the highest position, the list showed that the best passport in the world is German; Sweden is the second best and Finland, UK, France, Italy, Spain are together on the 3rd place. You are lucky if you have passports from Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, United States, because they are the fourth best travel document in the world.  Austria, Japan and Singapore are on the high 5th place; Canada, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, South Korea and Switzerland share 6th position.

Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Malta are 9th; Czech Republic, Hungary and Iceland 10th; Slovakia is on a high 11th place; Liechtenstein and Malaysia 12th; Slovenia is on the ‘lucky’ 13th; Latvia and Estonia 14th; Lithuania is the only one on the 15th as same as Poland on 16th. Monaco is 17,  Cyprus 18, San Marino 19, Chile 20, Hong Kong, Brazil and Bulgaria 21st, Romania and Andorra 22nd, Argentina and Brunei Darussalam 23 and then, there is Croatia on the 24th.

The entire list, made by Henley and Partners and the International Air Carriers Association, is here.