Croatian Prosciutto in European Supermarkets

One of the most important European and world food trade fairs, SIAL 2018 opened today in Paris. For the sixth time, Croatian exhibitors are also participating with the support of Croatian Chamber of Economy. 

Some of the Croatian exhibitors are: Apimel, Dupin, Đanić, Frozen Food International, Hermes International, Prodan Truffles, Pisinium and others, but the buyers are especially interested in Croatian prosciutto, protected at the EU level for its authenticity and geographical origin. In Paris, Croatian prosciutto is presented by Voštan Prosciutto, whose 10 percent of production goes for the export.

With more than 7200 exhibitors from 109 countries and 160 000 registered visitors, SIAL is definitely the largest food fair in Europe as well as in the rest of the world.