Cutlets – a great and tasty alternative to barbecue

Cutlets (pork or lamb) are a great and tasty alternative to barbecue for outdoor social gatherings. Cutlets are especially popular during autumn, in the harvest season and among the hunters and rangers because they are easy to prepare, the recipe can be easily modified and they can be cooked in bulks, ideal for large gatherings.

Ingredients (4 person servings):
– 8 beef or lamb racks or T-bone stakes
– 3 onions
– 3 garlics
– 3 carrots
– 3 red paprikas
– 4 tomatoes/500ml tomato sauce
– 15g minced red paprika
– 1l water
– 1l white vine
– 2 laurel leaves
– fat or frying oil
– salt and pepper


Cutlets are prepared in a stainless steel or aluminium pan placed directly over an open fire. You let the pan heat up before putting frying oil or fat into it. When the fat melts or oil starts to stear, place the meat that you’ve marinated for an hour in it and cook until both sides are golden. Move the meat to the sidelines of the pan and add onions until they simmer, adding carrots, paprikas and finally tomatoes. Next come salt, pepper and other spices, adding water so the mixture does not dry up. Put the meat in the pan and douse with wine to keep the gravy density to your liking. Cook for 30 minutes or so. You can add chilli if you prefer it hot.

Be careful though, as people around you will attack the pan with white bread, hoping to get a dip in the hot and spicy gravy.