Danko Stjepanović Exhibition: ‘Balkrishna Doshi – Mother Tongue’

The opening of the exhibition of photographs by Danko Stjepanović named ‘Balkan Doshi – Mother Tongue’ will be held on Tuesday, 18 June 2019, at Oris House of Architecture (Kralja Držislava Street 3) at 7 pm.

The exhibition documents everyday life in India and the buildings of the most famous Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi, a last year’s winner of the famous Pritzker Award for Architecture.

“Stjepanović’s photographs show traces of different languages ​​in the interplay. There is a language of peace and silence that depicts Doshi’s buildings, emptied of people, as they breathe in peace and shade. Then there is the language of routing, which reveals how the architect Doshi predicted where people would meet and how they would move around; with motifs of light, past and traffic, weather and smoke. There are also surprises, present in the language of expectation, when the windows seem smaller than they should be, or in the way the spaces play in angles, colors, furniture, and people. Stjepanović, of course, walked through these buildings, searching for an order, perhaps the logic thoughts. His photographs are proof of such a reflection. To them, the photographer suggests, as Doshi also claims, that these buildings are not inert, but alive, full of history, stories and mischief. Also, these spaces are difficult to categorize. Such a disorder, opposed to the rooted definitions that determine how the university, housing space, or office should look like, seems to be planned” says Deepak Unnikrishnan about Stjepanović’s photographs.

The exhibition will be open till August 30, 2019.

Photo source: Oris House of Architecture