Davor Rostuhar – The First Croat that Conquered the South Pole on Foot!

On 17th January 2018, the adventurer, travel writer, and photographer Davor Rostuhar became the first Croat to reach the South Pole on Foot!

Davor Rostuhar, following his Polar Dream, was the 21st person in the world to make the journey from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole on Foot. He traveled alone and traversed 1163 km during the 46-day long expedition. He started his endeavor with a sled weighing 136 kg, packed with essential resources: tent, food & equipment. Walking on skis, and pulling the sled with no aid of any sort, he walked from 10 to 12 hours daily, averaging 25 km per day. The temperatures he encountered were ranging from -15 to -27 degrees with occasional chill winds at a whopping -50 Celsius, but he had no problems during his journey.

“I am delighted because I proved to myself that you can make your dreams come true. I set myself an ambitious goal and on the way to achieving it I proved that with a great deal of work, faith, effort and dedication you can do whatever you want. I hope that this story of mine will motivate other people as other people have motivated me. Follow your dreams. It is possible!”, said Davor.

He blogged about his journey on Expedition and Culture Club, and plans to write a book about his polar undertaking and present it in the following months.