The Day That Tie Was Tied For The First Time

This year Academia Cravavtica celebrated 350th anniversary since the tie was officially adopted. It was first used by the Croats (local military) and later adopted by France royal military. Since then, the tie has spread worldwide and today it is a part of fashion clothing.

Also, king Louis XIV has put on a tie for the first time 350 years ago – an act that was painted by French painter Henri Testelin. Another interesting fact is that it was thought to serve as psychological protection of the neck during battle.

The Cravat or tie is a national product of Croatia and Zagreb is consiered its capital. For 8th year in a row, Kravat regiment is performing honorable guard walks and shifts with guards dressed as they were – with bandanas tied around their necks. Cravat is a symbol of bonding and loyalty.

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