Dias De La Cultura Chilena En Zagreb

From the 11th to 14th of May, Chile will move to Zagreb to present its culture at the Days of Chilean Culture or Dias De La Cultura Chilena En Zagreb. At several locations around the city, two countries will build a cultural bridge by organizing free workshops, poetry nights, screenings of documentary movies and lectures. Chile and Zagreb have had a great connection through centuries. Croatian Chileans are an important ethnic group in Chile; Chile has one of the largest communities of ethnic Croats outside the Balkan Peninsula, and it is one of the most significant Croatian communities. They are citizens of Chile who were either born in Europe or are Chileans of Croatian descent deriving their Croatian ethnicity from one or both parents.
Many successful entrepreneurs, scientists, artists and prominent politicians holding the highest offices in the country have been of Croatian descent. And now most of them are coming back to develop business in Croatia or to enjoy in their motherland. They proudly carry both of their cultures with them, and this time, they will present their Chilean habits, art, cinematography to Zagreb citizens. If you are one of those, who want to learn more about Chile and to explore what is the magic link between Croatia and this ‘warm, exotic country’ visit Days of Chilean culture and enjoy in one of this activities and events.

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