Digitalizing Croatia: More than 80% of Citizens Vote for Increase in Public Service Provision Through Apps

Digital Croatia, an association founded with goals of promoting new technologies and business models, recently conducted a major survey to examine the public interest in keeping up with technology and making use of digital era.

The survey results show that 81% of the citizens are on the supporting side of the digitalization act and 88% of them believe that laws must be modernized to allow such efforts.

‘It is known that neither technology nor economics is a purpose for themselves – their goal is to help people live better, and the goal of the Association is to encourage Croatia to move forward fast – which is clearly the logo of the Association, a fast forward sign.’, stated Đuro Lubura, the Executive Director of the Association.

The demand for the further development of IT sector is high and as a response, the government has established the Council of State Information Infrastructure which has taken on a quest to tackle the questions of creating an environment suitable for the progressive development of new technologies.