Where to Drink World Class Coffee in Zagreb? We Got the Answer!

Ever wondered where to go for that perfect cup of coffee? Well, the coffee scientists have spoken and Zagreb’s Eliscaffe made it to the list!

The best 150 baristas and coffee experts came together to share their opinions and create a list of best places to go to when you are in need of the ultimate coffee experience. Where to Drink Coffee enlisted 600 best spots across 50 countries – the list includes places ranging from cafés, bakeries, restaurants and a few more exotic places where these specialists suggest to go. The recommendations come with reviews and other key information.

“Eliscaffe has for a long time been the only place in Zagreb where you could have a good cup of coffee, and even after winning numerous prizes, Nik never stopped improving the quality,” wrote Wendelboe in his review.

“Wendelboe is the world champion. Sometimes he is really harsh, he tells you everything in your face, talks down to the biggest bosses in the world if they have bad coffee in the restaurant. He is the god and the beast, and he put me on the list. That made me flip. In Zagreb, you have 1300 cafes, and we are the only one selected, Austria is not on the list, Italy has only six cafes. How large is Italy compared to Croatia.” Nik commented for index.hr.

All in all, there you go, take a peek at the insiders guide Where to Drink Coffee published by Phaidon to explore some of the best coffee spots in the world.