Ensemble LADO’s Lent Concerts Announced

National Folk Dance and Vocal Ensemble of Croatia LADO announced the dates of their traditional Lent concerts under the name Our Lady’s Weeping. Except for Zagreb (13.4.), LADO will perform in Marija Bistrica (10.4.), Trsat (12.4), Slavonski Brod (14.4.) and Garčin (16.4.).

For this occasion, LADO will perform the thematic tunes of Our Lady’s Weeping from various parts of Croatia with several textual variants by Dražen Kurilovčan, Joško Ćaleta, Krunoslav Šokac, Vid Balog, Ivica Ivanković and Marko Markovina.

The ensemble will be directed by maestro Bojan Pogrmilović. “The great wealth of the Croatian folk singing, especially that related to Lent and Christmas, fills me with pride and I’m happy to join these LADO’s programs”, Pogrmilović said.