‘#EUandME’: Free Popcorn and European Films

Within the #EUandME European campaign you can enjoy free films and popcorn tonight, 27 July at 9:30 pm in the pleasant ambiance  of the Tuškanac summer stage in Zagreb.

The event supposed to take place yesterday but due to the bad weather it was re-scheduled for tonight. Before the screening of the film ‘The Bookshop’ (2017), with Emily Mortimer and Bill Nighy, directed by Isabel Coixet, there will be shown short films from the #EUandME campaign, featured by renowned European directors, including the award-winning Croatian film director Dalibor Matanić. These films talk about the day-to-day benefits provided by the EU.

Visitors will also be able to inform themselves about the rights they have in different areas of life in the European Union.

The #EUandME campaign was launched by the European Commission in 2018, focusing on young people from 17 to 35 years, to inform them about the EU’s values and benefits, and the rights they have as its citizens, and to familiarize them with the way the EU can help them in the pursuit of their passion and ambition. As part of the #EUandME campaign young people represent the EU’s values and benefits, in five areas or topics that include their interests – mobility, digital technology, skills and business, sustainability and rights.

Photo source: Tuškanac Summer Stage