EUG 2016: The anthem of the University Games Promotes Tolerance, Passion and Friendship

Everything we wanted with this anthem was to get the same „butterflies“ and „rush“ we got with the „original“ 1987 Summer Universiade, said Mr. Bruno Kovačić. The author of the song „As Long As the Heart Believes”, the official anthem of the European University Games, proudly presented his masterpiece in Pivana Pub in Zagreb. A trio made of well-known musician Nikša Bratoš, who was in charge of the song arrangement and production, and singer Damir Kedžo, have created a memorable song that will certainly be sung and performed for a long time.

Kovačić said that it had been challenging to do a piece like this because it was not a typical „standard“ song.
– Six months ago, the organisers of the Games approached us and said they wanted to try to create a lasting legacy in the form of the anthem. We accepted the challenge and we sincerely hope that we have succeeded. The anthem promotes values we believe in – students around the world, including those who will compete in Croatia – said Nikša Bratoš and added that the anthem is like wind, very soft and easy to remember for people of all ages. The lyrics and music of the anthem follow the slogan of the Games, “Heart Believes – Mind Achieves”, by promoting synergy of the heart and mind as fundamental values that student sport represents. At the same time, the anthem speaks about responsibility toward future generations and the world that we are leaving behind for our children.

The Games will be held in two Croatian cities, Zagreb, the capital, and Rijeka. The European Universities Games will feature competitions for men and women in 21 sports: badminton, basketball, basketball 3×3, beach volleyball, Bridge, chess, football, futsal, golf, handball, judo, karate, rowing, rugby 7’s, sport climbing, swimming, table tennis, taekwondo, tennis, volleyball and water Ppolo. Two sports – table tennis and swimming – will also include disciplines for students with disabilities. Apart from sports competitions, the Games will also host the Rectors’ Conference, educational side-events, a cultural program and other activities.

Preliminary Schedule
Opening Ceremony: July 13, 2016

Closing Ceremony: July 25, 2016

Badminton: July 18-24, 2016

Basketball: July 11-18, 2016

Basketball 3×3: July 22-25, 2016

Beach Volleyball: July 19-24, 2016

Bridge: July 18-22, 2016 (updated)

Chess: July 11-15, 2016

Football: July 12-19, 2016

Futsal men: July 16-24, 2016

Futsal women: July 17-24, 2016

Golf: July 19-23, 2016

Handball: 12-18, 2016

Judo: July 22-25, 2016

Karate: July 11-14, 2016

Rowing: July 11-14, 2016

Rugby 7s: July 11-14, 2016

Sport Climbing: July 21-24, 2016

Swimming: July 22-25, 2016

Para Swimming: July 22-25, 2016

Table Tennis: July 18-23, 2016

Para Table Tennis: July 20-23, 2016

Taekwondo: July 22-25, 2016

Tennis: July 12-18, 2016

Volleyball: July 17-24, 2016

Water Polo: July 11-16, 2016