Europa Cup: Croatian Water Polo Team Continues to Semifinals

Croatian Water Polo team opened the Europa Cup quarterfinals in Zagreb last evening with win over Greece 13:11. Tonight , April 6th, at 8:15 pm, they’re playing the semifinals against Spain who beat Serbia on Friday 13:12.

“I believe we played a good match, and showed the great team’s ability to win against a tough opponent. It’s hard to play by the new rules, which I personally do not really like. I can not complain on the judges, but with the new rules there is a lot of ambiguity and too much exclusions. Spain is waiting for us tomorrow and we must rest. Spaniards are tougher and faster than Greeks but we want to win and we want the finals! ”, said the Croatian coach Ivica Tucak.

Loren Fatović was the player who led Croatia to the semifinals last night with three goals, with Maro Joković, Josip Vrlić, Anđelo Šetka and Javier Garcia each scoring two, and Luka Lončar and Ivan Buljubašić scoring one. Ioannis Fontoulis led Greece with three goals, and Alexandros Gounas and Angelos Vlachopoulos added two.