Exhibition: A Collection for the Future/ Acquisitions

An exhibition ‘A Collection for the Future/ Acquisitions 2009-2019’ opened last December at the Museum of Contemporary Art (MSU) in Zagreb, on the occasion of celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Museum of Contemporary Art in a new building and new location. Exhibition showcases more than 200 works of art that have been donated to the museum or purchased, and the dynamic life of MSU since its opening on December 11, 2009.

The exhibition will also, for the first time in Croatia, present the pavilion-shaped exhibition ‘Fitting Abstraction’, which represented Croatia at the Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2014 and was later donated to the Museum. Among the inclusions is also the exhibition ‘City ǀ Data ǀ Future – Interactions in Hybrid Urban Environment’ by a group of authors and contributors.

The museum was founded in 1954 as the City Gallery of Contemporary Art located at Zagreb Upper Town and since then has been researching, collecting, documenting and presenting to the public works that represent styles and phenomena of contemporary art. During the ten years spent operating in a new building that meets the criteria of contemporary museology and visitors’ needs, new collections have been established and the Museum has increased its holdings by over 3,000 works.

The museum material in the exhibition is presented by the thematic units and selected phenomena typical for the contemporary artists : Age of optimism, Vitality of figuration, Primary structures, Nature and society, Personal narratives, (Un) usual day, Imaginative worlds, Female Voices, In the Museum about the Museum. The exhibition stays opened until June 30th, 2020.

Source: MSU