Exhibition: A Game of Sports and Art

The Croatian Sports Museum, in collaboration with the Croatian Association of Artists and the Academy of Fine Arts from Zagreb, presented a comprehensive exhibition project titled A Game of Sports and Art that announces the permanent exhibition of the Croatian Sports Museum. The exhibition is opened for visitors until March 22, 2020 at the PM and Prsten Galleries (Trg žrtava fašizma 16, Zagreb).

As part of the exhibition, there was organized a play for students of the Grammar School Franjo Bučar from Zagreb to recall the work of the most famous Croatian sports educator Franjo Bučar. Through fun interaction, students gained new insights into the content, participated in physical activity and indicated a human need to move and play.

Students had the opportunity to travel back to the past through group and individual long-forgotten games and exercises. More than a hundred years ago, the games were collected or designed for societies and schools by Franjo Bučar, and today, they were adapted for the needs of the playroom by kinesiologist Čedo Josipović and are part of our heritage of physical culture development.

Through the exhibition in two parts, the Home of the Croatian Association of Artists becomes a meeting place for sports, education, culture and art, which testifies to the connection between art and sports.

The first part of the exhibition shows the development of applied arts in the field of sports since the beginning of organized sports in Croatia, whereas the second part of the exhibition presents sports as a profession and widespread healthy recreational activity, as well as inspiration for the creation of artworks by contemporary artists.