Exhibition: About Animals and Humans

The lives of all living beings on Earth are intertwined and form a network of various relationships that directly affect the changes that are taking place on the planet which we call our home.

The exhibition ‘About Animals and Humans’ was opened in the Ethnographic Museum on the Earth Day (April 22nd), and is still opened.

Animals and people have a long shared history. There is hardly any area of human activity that is not affected by the mutual relationship between humans and animals, either in real or symbolic terms. They are literally everywhere, from parks, zoos, homes, books, movies etc., helping in agricultural industry from the dawn of time, making us laugh and much much more.

With the exhibition, we want to show how history, feelings, and behavior in animals have changed in our social environment but also in the natural environment.

Why do we associate with some animals, why do we fear or despise some of them, or eat and torture others? By inspecting our relationship with animals, we come to conclusions and define those relations of what is humane and how we should treat them, as well as set the expectations of how that relationship should be defined in the future.

The aim of the exhibition is to present the historical relationship between humans and animals. In addition to the exhibition, a whole range of educational and engaging scientific programs will be organized for the public of all ages.

This is the first pet-friendly museum and your pets are more than welcome to come and visit =)

The exhibition will remain open until November 12, 2017.

Find out working hours and ticket prices at the museum website.