Exhibition of Croatian Island Products is Taking Place on the Ban Jelačić Square

The Croatian Island Products exhibition is a project traditionally held twice a year, and this time it will be occupying the Ban Josip Jelačić Square until March 14th.

The minister of Regional Development and European Union Funds Gabrijela Žalac and Zagreb mayor Milan Bandić both supported and visited the ongoing exhibition. The products presented at fair include wines, brandies, liqueurs, olive oils, cheese, sweets, fish, jams, honey, cosmetics, clothing, souvenirs and many other.

The project was initiated back in 2007 and serves as a platform where smaller to medium island producers get to showcase their products and creations. In 2017, the Croatian Island Product Label was awarded to 73 island producers for 141 different products, with a total of 279 tagged producers and more than 880 products and product lines.