Exhibition ‘Experienced Frames’ by Luka Marotti

Exhibition ‘Experienced Frames’ by Luka Marotti takes place at Zagreb’s Mimara Museum till May 12th, 2019.

Luka Marotti, born in Šibenik in 1948 has been active within documentary and culture films produced by Croatian national TV for over 50 years and has produced over 500 programs. In this exhibition however, showcases an alternative side of Marotti’s artistic, cultural and journalistic expression – his photography.

Throughout the years, he has recorded the large number of photographs that enrich and supplement his documentaries and films and provide new information about monuments, places, atmospheres, and people. Marotti’s black and white photographs indeed say a thousand words and each photograph is a story itself.

Although some of these photos may be familiar to Croatian audience from his documentaries, this exhibition is a great way to appreciate Marotti’s photography apart from his work as a director.

Photo source: Mimara Museum/ Luka Marotti