Exhibition of Underwater Photography ‘Une Inspiration’ at French Institute

French and Croatian underwater photographers Alex Voyer, Benoît Maison-Blanche and Marjan Radović designed a project named ‘One Breath’ (fr. ‘Une Inspiration’).

Project is made of exhibition of photographs, multimedia presentations, various lectures and workshops all about underwater photography and diving. Voyer, Maison-Blanche and Radović record the beauty of underwater from the perspective unavailable to majority of people. The aim of the project is to draw the attention of the wider public to the beauty of the underwater world and to call for social responsibility and the rapprochement of man and the sea.

Mediterranean is something Croatia and France share and that’s why the French Institute feels happy to host this exhibition of Croatian and French photographers. This initiative also reminds us of the importance of protecting this mutual treasure at a time when the sea and the oceans are endangered by the pollution and the consequences of climate change more than ever.

Exhibition stays open until 9th of September at French Institute in Zagreb (Preradovićeva 5).