Exhibition: ‘Stories of Romani People’

Zagreb-based Fade In association have collaborated with the Roma Resource Center from Darda, near Osijek, to organize an exhibition that takes place at Zagreb Student Center Gallery until January 30th, 2020.

‘Stories of the Romani People’ exhibition presents 18 personal stories of Roma people, most of whom are members of the Muntenci / Munćani, Ludari and Ardeljani / Erdeljci sub-groups of the Bajaši branch settled in eastern Croatia parts Slavonia and Baranja. Although the stories, personalities, experiences and lives of these people are unique and different from each other, brought together as a whole they provide an insight into the contemporary life and problems of their communities.

The next step in collaboration between Fade In association and the Roma Resource Center will be the opening of the ‘Museum of Personal Stories’ in Osijek, which will work as a museum-gallery space in which the personal stories of the citizens of Osijek, representatives of national minorities who live in it, will be presented in an urban and contemporary way. One of the main aims of this exhibition and the upcoming museum  is to contribute to breaking prejudices and assisting in the ongoing attempts to integrate Roma and other national minorities into the wider community.

The English translation of the stories is available at the gallery on request.