Exhibition ‘Sweet Life’ by Marijana Stanić

Exhibition Sweet Life, accompanied by a performance, by Marijana Stanić, will be opened on Thursday, February 28 at 7 pm at the Bačva Gallery (Home of HDLU).

Composed of three, meaningfully interwoven, and somewhat identical, chapters of the girl’s dreams of love, which are rounded off by the show about an ideal marriage – wedding cake, bride figure, and eternal love – this exhibition emphasizes constitutive nods of discourse about girlhood, deformed in controversy between intimate expectations, popular culture, legislation, economics, social norms, sexuality, political subjectivity, and ultimately generational divisions.

The perfect life form girls’ fantasies is represented at the exhibition with the circular infinite white space of the Bačva Gallery, repeated in loop audio recordings of happy endings from fairy tales, by stringing infinite scenes of gorgeous wedding cakes, decorated with flowers and fruit garlands and by multiplying bridal figures in the space. However, this is not about one-sided or literal transposition of girls’ fantasies because each segment of the work suffered a certain intervention by which the author subverted the initial seduction.

The exhibition stays open until March 13th 2019 while the performance can be seen for 3 days: February 28 (7 pm) / March 1 (5 pm) / March 2 (17 am) and after that, video documentation of the performance will be available until the end of the exhibition.

Photo source: HDLU