Exhibition: Traditional Adriatic Boats and Ships

Visiting exhibition by Luciano Keber Traditional Adriatic Boats and Ships (Ploviti se mora- jadranski tradicijski brodovi i barke) will be opened on Tuesday, February 26, 2019 at 7 pm, at the Gallery of Archaeological Museum in Zagreb (Pavla Hatza 6).

The exhibition shows Adriatic traditional boats’ models at a scale of 1:10 and a hypothetical study of liburna, one of the most famous ships of the Roman war fleet, originating from the eastern Adriatic Liburnian area. Ship models contain all the elements of their real-life model, up to the smallest details.

Making a boat model is a long process, preparations are often very complex and demanding, especially in the case of quality reconstructions that often become museum exhibits. Luciano Keber, author of ship models and exhibition author, will hold a lecture as part of the exhibition opening.

Featured photo source: Archaeological Museum in Zagreb – Domagoj Doko