Exit theater moves to the Museum of Arts and Crafts

This year, for the sixth time in a row, Theatre Exit will move to its summer residence – the Museum of Arts and Crafts. On hot summer nights, until the 2nd of August, people will be able to enjoy over 30 performances. Besides the plays of the Theatre Exit, audience will watch ‘Strujosek’ – Atelier 212, Belgrade, ‘Idomenej’ – Croatian National Theatre in Split, ‘260 DAYS’ – Croatian National Theatre in Osijek, ‘Hoerspiel’ – Pavlica Bajsic Brazzoduro, ‘ThisCasting’ -Theatre Rugantino and ‘Krtice’ – Kerekesh Theatre .
The audience will also be able to see great plays of the Theater Exit such as ‘Ja, Tata!’ (Me, Dad!), ‘Shakespeare in EXIT’, ‘What do you mean I’m not there?!’, ‘Njuske’, ‘Red Balloon’, ‘Exhibit no.49’, ‘CABAres CABArei’, ‘Münchhausen’, ‘Plemena (Tribes), ‘Kreket’ and premiere of the new play ‘Us two and I’.